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Regulations Governing the Practice of Dentistry [18 VAC 60 ‑ 21]
Action Training and supervision of digital scan technicians
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3/24/21  11:12 am
Commenter: William G. Horbaly, D.D.S., M.S., M.D.S., LTD.

Stop with over-regulating!

First of all, the Hygiene Board has no business making regulation recommendations that encroach on Dentistry as a whole.  Secondly, the need for infection control training for DA's is obviously not an issue in Virginia as it was stated that their have been no significant cases of infection spread in a dental office in Virginia.  Stop looking for things to regulate that do not require regulation.  As professionals with advanced degrees we are all responsible and capable of training our DAs with regards to infection control in our individual practices.  If you have found egregious issues with sterilization procedures in some offices then that is a reflection of the doctor in charge and they should be held accountable.  Whether the DAs are trained or not will not matter if the particular office does not hold a high standard of infection control.  An added regulation will incur costs that will simply be passed on to the public, who in the end, really pay for all of these regulations thereby impacting the affordability of care for those in need.  I respectfully request that you reconsider establishing this needless regulation.


William G. Horbaly, DDS, MS, MDS

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