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Regulation for Emissions Trading [9 VAC 5 ‑ 140]
Action Reduce and Cap Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel Fired Electric Power Generating Facilities (Rev. C17)
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Comment Period Ended on 4/9/2018
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4/9/18  11:33 pm
Commenter: Heidi Deger, James Madison University

I support decreasing carbon emissions in Virginia

Dear Director Paylor and Members of the Air Pollution Control Board,

Having taken many courses regarding the current status of our climate, I have studied the impacts of climate change. While there are many detrimental aspects affecting our climate today, the increasing CO2 emissions are potentially the most threatening. I fully support the state's regulation to encourage an overall decrease in CO2 emissions. To potentially expedite the process of lowering emissions, some sort of financial incentive could be added to the regulations. Perhaps those who convert to green energy or those who decrease their CO2 emissions to a certain degree could receive financial compensation. In conclusion, I think this regualtion will be effective and I believe it is fairly equitable. I do think that some improvements could be made to further incentivise groups that would result in a more efficient regulation, but perhaps that is to be implemented on a later date. I fully support this regulation and hope policy makers agree.

Thank you for addressing this issue.

Heidi Deger

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