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Regulation for Emissions Trading [9 VAC 5 ‑ 140]
Action Reduce and Cap Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel Fired Electric Power Generating Facilities (Rev. C17)
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3/30/18  2:25 pm
Commenter: Gary Gilbertson

The tragedy of the commons

I support efforts to strengthen regulations capping carbon dioxide emissions in Virginia and the whole of the United States.  We all breath each other's air and we all will suffer, especially those with asthsma, from a deteriorating atmosphere.  The Department of Defense and the US Navy recognize the dangers of climate change, not only in the rising waters at Norfolk, but as a source of political instability in the world's endangered lands and populations.

Joining the RGGI would be a common sense and effective approach to tackling the effects of climate change.  CO2 caps will encourage businesses, including farms, to make decisions that take the environmental costs of these emissions into account.  We should be pricing the effects of carbon emissions into the products we consume and the power we use.  To ignore this true cost is to continue to submit to the tragedy of the commons and to blindly allow ourselves to hasten our own, and our children's, demise.

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