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Regulation for Emissions Trading [9 VAC 5 ‑ 140]
Action Reduce and Cap Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel Fired Electric Power Generating Facilities (Rev. C17)
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3/2/18  3:04 pm
Commenter: Steven Vogel

Clean Energy Virginia Initiative, commonly referred to as Executive Directive 11

I am writing today to voice my support of a regulation in Virginia that cuts carbon pollution from power plants and allows us to trade carbon allowances with other states.

With no help coming from the Federal level in addressing climate change--in sad fact, just the opposite since January 2017--it is up to states like Virginia to act.  By cutting carbon emissions in Virginia, we have the opportunity to protect public health and safety while also creating jobs in the carbon-neutral renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

And because we are joining up with a coalition of other states with carbon caps, action we take here in Virginia is greater than the sum of its parts.

Burning fossil fuels has left a toxic legacy of pollution across Virginia's land, air ,and water.  Reducing carbon emissions from power plants and incentivizing renewable energy will lower electric bills, create jobs, improve air quality, improve public health, and protect and preserve Virginia's environment.

I have a serious personal interest in all of this.  I am a senior citizen being treated for asthma for more than 20 years.  The predominant pollutant here in Falls Church, in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. is “particulates,” including soot, smog, oil smoke, and fly ash, primarily from power plants burning fossil fuels.  Virginia acting now to reduce carbon pollution from power plants will not only affect our microclimate positively, it will prolong my life.

I urge you to please proceed with a strong regulation that shows Virginia is a leader in addressing climate change and takes its responsibility seriously.

Sincerely yours in conservation,

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