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CLOSED     Opened on 8/19/2019 and Ended on 9/18/2019

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Comment Title Commenter
Strongly Oppose Fred Bemak, George Mason University  9/18/19  10:53 pm
Opposition to this proposal Elaine Johnson, Ph.D. Retired, University of Baltimore  9/18/19  10:29 pm
In support of these updates Cynthia Miller, Ph.D. LPC  9/18/19  10:01 pm
In support of these updates Cynthia Miller  9/18/19  10:00 pm
Strongly Oppose Elisabeth Liptak, Seton Hall University  9/18/19  9:18 pm
NBCC supports Petition for 18VAC115-20-45, Prerequisites for Licensure by Endorsement Jake Jackson, National Board for Certified Counselors  9/18/19  9:05 pm
I Strongly Oppose Augusto C. Garcia Vizcarrondo, University of Baltimore  9/18/19  1:26 pm
I very strongly oppose John E. Smith, Ed.D.  9/18/19  11:04 am
Strongly oppose Samantha Daniel, Ph.D, Private Practice  9/18/19  10:40 am
Strongly Oppose Noelany Pelc, Ph.D., LP, Seton Hall University  9/17/19  9:16 pm
Strongly object Dan Walinsky, Temple University  9/17/19  8:04 pm
Oppose John Dimoff, Chatham University  9/17/19  7:21 pm
Oppose Jess Balk-Huffines, LCPC  9/17/19  6:35 pm
Strongly oppose proposal unsupported by data Suzanne Lease, University of Memphis  9/17/19  5:38 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE PROPOSED, BIASED CHANGES Charlotte Bailey, LCPC, Sheppard Pratt Health System  9/17/19  4:57 pm
Strongly Oppose Cristina Nicolau, Seton Hall University  9/17/19  3:11 pm
Strongly oppose discriminatory plan Timothy Melchert  9/17/19  2:50 pm
Strongly Oppose! Kevin Davis, Seton Hall University  9/17/19  2:41 pm
Opposed Lynn Gilman  9/17/19  12:52 pm
strongly opposed. Michael J Peters Sr., Becker College  9/17/19  12:26 pm
I oppose this plan for its shortsighted thinking Rich Davino, Becker College  9/17/19  12:11 pm
Opposed to the discriminatory proposal Susan Woodhouse, Lehigh University  9/17/19  12:00 pm
Strongly oppose Tina Russell-Brown, Chatham University  9/17/19  11:40 am
Oppose C. Jacob  9/17/19  11:25 am
Strongly opposed Cory Cascalheira  9/17/19  10:47 am
Strongly OPPOSE Heidi Hutman  9/17/19  10:32 am
Strongly Oppose Michael Ellis, University at Albany, SUNY  9/17/19  10:14 am
I strongly oppose this plan! Deanna Hamilton, Chatham University  9/17/19  10:02 am
Strongly Oppose Austin Widmer  9/16/19  9:02 pm
Strongly oppose Mary Harrell  9/16/19  8:40 pm
Oppose Jody Kulstad, Seton Hall University  9/16/19  5:18 pm
Stongly opposed Seton Hall University  9/16/19  5:04 pm
Opposed to legislation Wendy Kraus, LCPC/Owner Coastal Counseling & Wellness  9/16/19  4:44 pm
Oppose Trish Hernandez  9/16/19  3:50 pm
Counselor Licensure Rex Stockton, Indiana University  9/16/19  2:56 pm
Strongly oppose Jennifer Q. Morse, PhD; Chatham University  9/16/19  2:49 pm
Strongly Oppose! Megan Malandro, Seton Hall University  9/16/19  1:42 pm
Strongly Oppose! Kelly Tyler  9/16/19  1:08 pm
I strongly Oppose Kayla Watson, University of Baltimore  9/16/19  12:49 pm
Opposed to Current Proposal Becker College  9/16/19  12:34 pm
Advocacy Alert - Insure Fairness in License Transfer to Virginia Winnie D. Moore, MA, LCPC, LPC, NCC  9/16/19  12:26 pm
Opposed to Current Proposal Beth Greenberg, Becker College  9/16/19  9:59 am
Strongly Oppose Roger Sandberg, LCPC, LPC Psychotherapy Services, LLC  9/15/19  5:42 pm
Strong opposition to the current proposal Peggy Brady-Amoon, PhD, LPC, Alliance for Professional Counselors  9/14/19  8:38 am
Strongly oppose Michael Cadaret, Chatham University  9/13/19  8:16 pm
Strongly oppose limits to single accreditation body Dr. Margo Jackson, Fordham University  9/13/19  2:54 pm
University of Baltimore Opposes Changes Darlene Brannigan Smith, University of Baltimore  9/13/19  1:38 pm
Oppose Peiwei Li, Lesley University  9/13/19  1:27 pm
Oppose discrimination CACREP Noreen Ammons, LCPC/LCADC  9/13/19  11:58 am
Oppose Rebekah Gildersleeve  9/13/19  11:00 am
OPPOSED Sidney Trantham / Lesley University  9/13/19  10:37 am
I agree with the CACREP requirements for a portability model Connie Elkins, Bluefield College  9/13/19  10:01 am
Opposed Anthony Isacco, Chatham University  9/13/19  8:46 am
Counselor License Portability Eve Adams  9/13/19  12:59 am
Oppose Michael Greelis, PhD, LPC, LMFT  9/12/19  8:17 pm
Strongly Oppose Sue Motulsky, Lesley University  9/12/19  8:14 pm
Oppose this stance Mary Carroll, LCPC  9/12/19  7:56 pm
Strongly Oppose. Do not divide. Unite. Kerri Weise Augusto  9/12/19  6:01 pm
Strongly opposed bias toward CACREP Christine E. Cassidy, M.A., LMHC, Cambridge College  9/12/19  5:36 pm
Strongly oppose! Jennifer Molinari, LCPC, NCC  9/12/19  5:33 pm
In support Candace M McLain LPC (MI, CO) ACS  9/12/19  5:31 pm
Strongly Oppose Amy Rottier, Congruent Counseling Svcs  9/12/19  5:30 pm
Strongly Oppose Simone Warrick-Bell  9/12/19  4:34 pm
In support (Virginia LPC) Thom Field, PhD, LPC  9/12/19  4:15 pm
Strongly support Virginia's model David Julius Ford, Jr., Ph.D., LPC, NCC, ACS  9/12/19  3:14 pm
LPC Portability Sylvia Marotta-Walters  9/12/19  3:07 pm
Strongly opposed to this proposal Nilda M Laboy, PsyD, William James College  9/12/19  2:24 pm
Support for the Virginia Proposal Jeffrey Crane  9/12/19  2:23 pm
SUPPORT for the CURRENT VIRGINIA PORTABILITY MODEL Kerri McCullough  9/12/19  1:43 pm
Oppose: Discriminatory, unsubstantiated preference for CACREP grads over other qualified clinicianss Meg Connor, MA LMHC, Div. Of Counseling and Psychology, Lesley University  9/12/19  1:33 pm
Strongly opposed Claudia Pyland, Ph.D., L.P. Texas Woman's University  9/12/19  1:31 pm
Oppose Corey Ward, University of Baltimore  9/12/19  1:31 pm
Counseling is Diverse Rachel Reinders, LPC  9/12/19  1:25 pm
Strongly support Jane Okech, PhD, University of Vermont  9/12/19  1:20 pm
Strong oppose! Penny Haney, mental health counseling program, Boston College  9/12/19  1:14 pm
Strongly Oppose Julie MacEvoy  9/12/19  12:27 pm
OPPOSE!!!! Quillian Murphy, LMHCA....Graduate of a CACREP program  9/12/19  12:27 pm
Strongly oppose Mayra Schneider, LGPC, CAC-AD  9/12/19  11:48 am
Stronly oppose lynn perlman Ph.D Dean of Graduate Studies, Boston Graduate School o Psych,  9/12/19  11:44 am
Strongly Opposed Mark Benander, PhD, LMHC  9/12/19  11:19 am
Support the Virginia Portability Model Richard Henrisken Jr., Ph.D., LPCS, Indipendent Texas Counselor  9/12/19  11:10 am
Strongly Opposed Melissa Rivero  9/12/19  11:10 am
Strongly oppose Lawrence Jones, LCPC  9/12/19  11:05 am
Strongly oppose restrictions Victoria Engel  9/12/19  10:04 am
STRONGLY OPPOSED- unfair, biased, and discriminatory proposal Laura Winn, MA LPC NCC  9/12/19  9:55 am
Strongly Oppose Dominic Williams, Loyola University Maryland  9/12/19  9:26 am
Strongly oppose Susan P White LCPC  9/12/19  9:20 am
Opposed. Sara Battista, LCPC, LPC  9/12/19  9:00 am
Opposed Tali Elitzur, LCPC, Maryland Counseling and Wellness  9/12/19  8:22 am
Opposed Pamela Gibson Jones  9/12/19  3:42 am
Opposed to discrimination based on CACREP Joseph R. Schap, LCPC  9/11/19  10:17 pm
Outrageous proposal James Nelms  9/11/19  10:15 pm
No Evidence for CACREP as Better Sherry McClurkin, LCPC  9/11/19  8:38 pm
Strongly Opposed Jake Jackson-Wolf  9/11/19  6:58 pm
What an INJUSTICE Laura Duncan  9/11/19  6:31 pm
Wrong Choice Jon Phillips, LGPC  9/11/19  5:33 pm
STRONGLY APPOSED Nazie Spurrier, LCPC  9/11/19  4:27 pm
Fairness in license transfer / LCPC Bruke Tadesse Psy. D,LCPC,ACS,CAS. Family Health Center  9/11/19  4:05 pm
Counseling regulations Gaudenzia, Inc  9/11/19  3:40 pm
Strongly opposed Rachel Friedman, LGPC  9/11/19  3:19 pm
Strongly oppose proposal Lynn Bañez  9/11/19  3:13 pm
I strongly oppose! Christine Gunn, Univeristy of Baltimore  9/11/19  2:40 pm
I Strongly Appose Madeline Leffler, University of Baltimore  9/11/19  2:22 pm
Strongly oppose Courtney Gasser, University of Baltimore  9/11/19  2:11 pm
Adopt a fair and non-discriminatory Portability Act michael misterka, LCSW-C  9/11/19  1:47 pm
I oppose this proposal. Natalie Konig, BS, Loyola University Maryland  9/11/19  1:41 pm
I Strongly Oppose this! Angelina Tolen, Loyola University Maryland  9/11/19  1:31 pm
I oppose this! Madeline Rose, Loyola University Maryland  9/11/19  1:30 pm
I oppose this proposal Emily Rutledge  9/11/19  1:27 pm
I oppose this proposal Sarah Pargan, M.S.  9/11/19  1:10 pm
portability James N. Tanner  9/11/19  12:58 pm
I strongly oppose this! Patrick LoPresto, Loyola University MD  9/11/19  12:31 pm
Opposing discrimination against non-CACREP accredited programs Kris Wright, LCPC  9/11/19  12:12 pm
I oppose this proposal Katie Loomis, PsyD, Loyola University Maryland  9/11/19  11:53 am
Discriminatory towards non-CACREP programs Lillian Audette  9/11/19  10:41 am
I strongly oppose Virginia's biased regulation against licensed counselors Gretchen Williams, LCPC-S  9/11/19  10:11 am
Virginia should adopt the fair and simple Portability Model of the American Counseling Association Holly Sater, LCPC  9/11/19  10:06 am
I strongly oppose Micaela Beaune  9/11/19  9:13 am
Strongly Appose this proposal Allison Pastine  9/11/19  8:59 am
I strongly oppose this proposal Christopher Hall, LCPC  9/11/19  8:51 am
Adopt a fair and non-discriminatory Portability Act Joseph Lemmon, PhD, LCSW-C, CEAP  9/11/19  8:33 am
I am opposed to Virginia’s biased regulatory action that limits professionally educated counselors. Patricia J. Simpson, MS., LCPC, Pinnacle Center, LLC  9/11/19  8:17 am
Virginia Counselor License Portability Magellan Health  9/11/19  8:07 am
I Strongly Oppose this Proposal Karla Lawrence, LCPC  9/11/19  8:06 am
I strongly oppose this. Gina Rassa, LCPC  9/11/19  7:41 am
Strongly opposed! Karen Edwards, Corrections  9/11/19  7:36 am
I strongly oppose this proposal! Kristin Miller, LCPC  9/11/19  6:18 am
I oppose this law that discriminates counselor license portability Paula Catalan  9/11/19  6:14 am
I strongly oppose the portability plan proposed by Virgnia that gives preferential treatment Pat Doane  9/11/19  5:47 am
Strongly opposed Melissa Wesner, LifeSpring Counseling Services  9/10/19  10:47 pm
I oppose this proposal. Kelric Goodman, LCPC  9/10/19  10:17 pm
I oppose this discriminatory law Mollie M. Thorn, LCPC  9/10/19  10:10 pm
Strongly oppose Michelle Schoonmaker, private practice  9/10/19  9:45 pm
I appose the portability plan proposed by Virgnina that gives preferential treatment Mark Donovan, Congruent Counseling Services  9/10/19  9:42 pm
I oppose this Carol-Ann Trotman  9/10/19  9:35 pm
The fair and simple Portability Model of the American Counseling Association Barbara A. Bradshaw, LCPC  9/10/19  9:22 pm
Strongly opposed Pamela Foley, Ph.D., Seton Hall University  9/10/19  9:09 pm
Establish Fair Portability Policy for All Maryland Counselors Larry Epp, Ed.D., LCPC, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors of MD  9/7/19  10:32 pm

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