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Plasticulture Operations Regulation - Initial Adoption
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CLOSED     Opened on 1/18/2010 and Ended on 3/29/2010

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Comment Title Commenter
Adopt Plasticulture Regulations Megan Gallagher  2/2/10  12:19 pm
Plasticulture regulations Peter N. Henderson  2/2/10  1:56 pm
comments john Roberts  2/5/10  5:43 pm
Plasticulture farming concentrates runoff, including that of toxics and sediments, and needs regulat john robertrs  2/5/10  5:45 pm
Plasticulture water quality regulations Eugene R. Hampron CBES; Virginia Easternshorekeeper  3/10/10  8:14 pm
Give the ESSWCD a chance Dave Lovell  3/12/10  5:18 pm
farmers are not the bad guys dave vaughn  3/13/10  5:16 pm
Plasticulture BMPs Need to Be Implemented John Chubb  3/17/10  12:04 pm
Good Stewardship for Economic and Environmental Sustainability Robin Rich-Coates, Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District  3/19/10  2:46 pm
Against regulation of plasticulture operations on the Eastern Shore Steve Sturgis, Association of Virginia Potato and Vegetable Growers  3/26/10  2:33 pm
I support preemptive controls for row-crop plasticulture practices. Richard Ayers, resident, Northampton County  3/27/10  4:50 pm
We support good stewardship of the land. Stuart Burnley  3/29/10  2:56 pm
Oppose Promulgation of Plasticulture Regulations Wilmer Stoneman, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation  3/29/10  4:31 pm

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