Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
Health and Human Resources
Department of Health Professions
Board of Pharmacy
Petition 34
Petition Information
Petition Title Experience of foreign pharmacists
Date Filed 3/14/2006   
Petitioner Meron T. Endale 
Petitioner's Request

Amend regulations to accept hours of experience gained prior to registration of intership with Board by foreign pharmacists who are approved to take the FPGEE examination.

Agency's Plan

The Board reviewed the petition at its meeting on March 8, 2006 and requested public comment prior to making a decision on whether to initiate rule-making at its meeting on June 7, 2006.

Comment Period Ended 5/3/2006
Agency Decision Take no action    
Response Date 6/14/2006
Agency Decision Summary

Discussions indicated that the applicant wanted immediate relief rather than a change in the rule and that the experience being gained was as a technician and would not qualify as experience necessary for licensure as a pharmacist regardless of the timing.