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Title The Determination of Insurance Levels in Accordance with §10.1-605 of the Code of Virginia
Document ID DCR-VSWCB-040
Summary This document serves to provide guidance to impounding structure owners regarding the establishment of appropriate insurance amounts to be carried by an owner that will substantially cover the costs of downstream property losses to others that may result from a dam failure. Such requirements are applicable to dam owners seeking reductions in a spillway design capacity in accordance with the provisions of § 10.1-605 of the Code of Virginia. The document outlines procedures to be utilized to determine the flood zone that would require insurance coverage.
Effective Date 9/7/2016
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Explanation or Citations § 10.1-605. Promulgation of regulations by the Board. 4VAC50-20-40. Hazard potential classifications of impounding structures. 4VAC50-20-50. Performance Standards Required for Impounding Structures 4VAC50-20-52. Incremental Damage Analysis. 4VAC50-20-53. Special Criteria for Reduced Sdf Requirement for Certain High Hazard Dams. 4VAC50-20-54. Dam break inundation zone mapping.

This document applies to the following chapters
[4 VAC 50-20] Impounding Structure Regulations

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