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Guidance Document Change: This guidance relates to the action to update 12VAC35-230 in accordance with Item 313.NN. of the 2022 Appropriation Act (Chapter 2, 2022 Special Session 1 Acts of Assembly). See regulatory action 5999 at this link: The guidance provides additional clarity regarding how the annual Individual and Family Support Program is administered.


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2/26/24  5:42 pm
Commenter: Nina Campbell

DD waitlist

Adult children who reaches the age of 27 that has been on priority 1 DD waitlist for 10 plus years should not be down graded with funds nor on the priority 1 waitlist. IFSP is there to support families like myself who have an adult child that works and need support for employment due to his disability. There’s a major need to help disabled adults trying to be independent but needs some support beyond the parent.

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2/27/24  8:09 pm
Commenter: Andrea Crockett

Increase funding

As I see it, I agree with the state that it is far between and less expensive to keep families caring for their disabled relatives. But where is the much needed support for that to happen. When do our families truly become a priority in the funding to support this and keep children/ siblings within the family hotel and cared for. No one will love and care for them like their parents and siblings. But please fund the waivers, offer true respite, and open more slots. Also hold these so called facilitators and care coordinators accountable to ensure Virginia's disabled citizens are truly be cared for. 

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2/28/24  6:05 pm
Commenter: Anonymous


I was aplyng for my son dagmawi kebede

Last time but I didn't get nothing

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3/5/24  12:39 pm
Commenter: Jen

DD Waiver / Increased Funding

I agree with the previous comment that ultimately in-home care for disabled is going to be far more cost efficient.  However, the additional aide went from $1,000 to this year nothing to help those families who qualify and make it happen.  Seems that resources would be well spent to redirect to this fund.  

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3/23/24  2:31 pm
Commenter: Lana Ambler

Aging Parents and the Waiver Waiting List.

Why was age of the parents removed from the criteria for the waiting lists?  My husband and I are 80 years old.  I would like, as the ARC in Virginia says, "a life like yours." Our child has been on the waiting list for years.  Our child was priority one, but was moved to priority two.  Virginia is an overly frugal state when it comes to helping people with disabilities.  The legislature has never cared to spend any surplus on the disability community.  The state each year seems to have generous rainy day funds that sit unused, some of which could be used for the waiver waiting list.  Also, the state portions of the salaries that medicaid pays to workers in the agencies are woefully inadequate and should be raised.  

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3/25/24  2:11 pm
Commenter: Cindy Bendel

Need more funding

We definitely need more funding. With inflation, the $1000 for Priority 1 and $500 for Priority 2/3 doesn't pay for much these days. And there is a greater need for this funding since our salaries have not increased with the cost of living. Surely if we could fund the building of a stadium in Alexandria, or a casino in Herndon/Tyson's, we allocate more to helping special needs families in Virginia. There's money in the budget! 

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3/25/24  5:21 pm
Commenter: Concerned Mother

Funding selection

Why did only some receive assistance if the funding was lowered based on priority level.  For those in the same category what was the selection based on.  Asking out of curiosity.  I was very grateful the first couple of times my son received assistance.  Sometimes a lot of information becomes confusing when in actuality it's just a few main key factors that each parent really needs to know and understand with the whole selection process of this fundingp rogram.

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