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3/30/12  2:47 pm
Commenter: Sue Parr; Bragg Hill Community Coalition/Community Coalitions of Virginia

Current regulations should remain in place-plus some!
As director of the Bragg Hill Community Coalition, representing 4 counties and the City of Fredericksburg, I would like to submit the following comments on behalf of the coalition membership:
1. None of the VA ABC regulations should be "loosened " in any way. The current regulations should remain in place.
2. Happy Hour advertsing should not be allowed in any form.
3. Discount coupons for alcohol should not be allowed.

4. Mixed drinks should not be sold by the pitcher.

In addition to that, the coalition membership supports:

1. All alcohol seller/servers should be required to attend a mandatory training such as TIPS.

2. There should be a "standard pour" measure to ensure the amount of alcohol in the drink does not exceed specified amount so individuals know how much alcohol they are consuming.

3. Placing serving alcohol should not be allowed to sell energy drinks also-this avoids ability to create alcohol energy drinks banned by FDA as dangerous.

4. "Supersized" malt liquor drinks (especially fruit flavored) should not be sold in single serving containers as it basically promotes binge drinking in a can!

5. Though we know that VA ABC Board does not control state law, for the record, the coalition would like to state their support for dram shop & social hosting laws in VA.

Bragg Hill Community Coalition also supports the document submitted by the VA College Alcohol Leadership Council for public comment.

Sue Parr


Community Coalitions of Virginia (CCoVA)

Project Director

Bragg Hill Community Coalition




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