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During the 2016 Session, the Virginia General Assembly enacted House Bill 1093 (2016 Acts of Assembly, Chapter 391) and Senate Bill 580 (2016 Acts of Assembly, Chapter 304), which established the Food Crop Donation Tax Credit. This was an individual and corporate income tax credit for certain persons engaged in the business of farming or growing food crops in the Commonwealth and donating such crops to a nonprofit food bank. It expired after Taxable Year 2022. During the 2023 Session, the Virginia General Assembly enacted House Bill 2445 (2023 Acts of Assembly, Chapter 165) and Senate Bill 1525 (2023 Acts of Assembly, Chapter 166), which converted Virginia’s Food Crop Donation Tax Credit that expired after Taxable Year 2022 into the Food Donation Tax Credit and made several changes to the credit. These guidelines are published by the Department of Taxation (“the Department”) to provide updated guidance to taxpayers regarding the Food Donation Tax Credit for Taxable Years 2023 and after. These guidelines supersede the Department's prior Final Food Crop Donation Tax Credit Guidelines, which were posted on the Department's website at this link:
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Corporate/Individual Food Crop Donation Tax Credit Guidelines pdf Document     pdf Proposed Document
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James Savage
Lead Tax Policy Analyst
P.O Box 27185
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ORM Approved (10/25/2023)
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Publication Date: 11/20/2023    Volume: 40  Issue: 7
The public comment period began upon publication and lasted for 30 days. It ended on 12/20/2023.
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