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On this Guidance Document (Guidance for Employers to Mitigate the Risk of COVID-19 to Workers)

CLOSED     Opened on 3/28/2022 and Ended on 4/27/2022

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Comment Title Commenter
Protect Virginians from Unelected Federal Bureaucrats and Unscientific Overreach Tonia Peake, Peake Law Group  4/27/22  11:27 am
VHHA Comment on Guidance for Employers to Mitigate the Risk of COVID-19 to Workers Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association  4/27/22  8:19 am
The Guidelines are Unnecessary Mark Bryant, Buckingham Branch Railroad  4/25/22  2:45 pm
COVID guidance document Anonymous (121860)  4/25/22  2:15 pm
Guidelines are fine but unnecessary anonymous (121102)  4/7/22  1:28 pm
Please Clarify the Guidelines David Coe, Colonial Behavioral Health  3/29/22  8:55 am

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