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Regulations for the Geology Certification Program [18 VAC 145 ‑ 40]
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7/31/23  10:04 am
Commenter: Christina Sullivan

Geologist License in VA

My name is Christina Sullivan, and I have been a geologist for close to 15 years, and I currently do not hold a P.G. license in the state of Virginia. I do hold a Bachelor and Master's degree in Geology, as well as an MBA. My 15 years of experience includes experience in underground coal mining, coal mine permitting, underground gold mining, surface gold mining, and aggregates. I have lived in four different states across those 15 years and have held multiple positions from a Geologist I to Senior Geologist. In all my time as a geologist, I was never once mandated to obtain a P.G. license. The research that I have done on the Virginia licensing program has shown me that obtaining licensure not only requires a significant time commitment, but a financial commitment as well. I do not believe that every employed geologist would be able to make those time and financial commitments. Personally, I know several geologists that have tried to pass the exam numerous times and have failed; even after spending money on outside study resources. Those geologists are still gainfully employed and doing great work for the states, industries, and communities that they live and work in.

It is my opinion, that the geologist licensing in Virginia remain voluntary, and not mandated or repealed. There are certain industries that geologists work in, that do require licensures such as working as an engineering geologist, construction geologist, and environmental engineering geologist. Virginia already has very strict licensure requirements in other industries (i.e. mental health) that make employment difficult - I know this because my husband works in the Psychology field for the state. I do not want to see Geology thrust into that same strict licensure as it will cause companies to lose valuable employees, and employees to possibly lose their livelihoods.

Thank you for your time.

Christina Sullivan

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