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8 Active Chapters and 6 Repealed
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
17 VAC 15‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Final Stage Published 11/10/2008
17 VAC 15‑20   Standards for the Microfilming of Public Records Periodic Review Completed 3/19/2013
17 VAC 15‑50   Standards for Computer Output Microfilm (Com) for Archival Retention Periodic Review Completed 3/19/2013
17 VAC 15‑61   Standards for Recorded Permanent Instruments Final Stage Published 7/25/2016
17 VAC 15‑90   Requirements Which Must be Met By Libraries Serving a Population of Less than 5,000 in Order to Receive State Grants-in-Aid Periodic Review Completed 4/5/2013
17 VAC 15‑100   Certification of Librarians Periodic Review Completed 4/10/2013
17 VAC 15‑110   Requirements Which Must be Met in Order to Receive Grants-in-Aid Periodic Review Completed 3/19/2013
17 VAC 15‑120   Regulations Governing the Destruction of Public Records Containing Social Security Numbers Periodic Review Completed 6/22/2012
Repealed / Renumbered / Withdrawn
17 VAC 15‑10   [REPEALED] Guidelines Governing Public Participation Final Stage Published 11/10/2008
17 VAC 15‑30   [REPEALED] Archival Standards for Recording Deeds and Other Writings By a Procedural Microphotographic Process Final Stage Published 3/26/2001
17 VAC 15‑40   [REPEALED] Standards for the Microfilming of Ended Law Chancery and Criminal Cases of the Clerks of the Circuit Courts Prior to Disposition Final Stage Withdrawn 8/8/2007
17 VAC 15‑60   [REPEALED] Standards for Plats Final Stage Published 7/25/2016
17 VAC 15‑70   [REPEALED] Standards for Recorded Instruments Final Stage Published 7/25/2016
17 VAC 15‑80   [REPEALED] Standards for Paper for Permanent Circuit Court Records Final Stage Published 7/25/2016