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Department of Motor Vehicles
Department of Motor Vehicles
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4 Active / Under Development Chapters and 13 Inactive / Repealed Chapters
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
24 VAC 20‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Periodic Review Agency Completed 12/2/2022
24 VAC 20‑40   Rules and Regulations on Accident Prevention Courses for Older Drivers Periodic Review Agency Completed 10/4/2020
24 VAC 20‑82   Permit Regulations Final Stage Published 1/30/2023
24 VAC 20‑121   Driver Training Schools Regulations Periodic Review Agency Completed 10/16/2019
Inactive (Repealed / Renumbered / Withdrawn / Expired)
24 VAC 20‑10   Public Participation Guidelines for Regulation Development and Promulgation (Repealed) Final Stage Published 11/24/2008
24 VAC 20‑20   Privacy Protection Act (Repealed)    
24 VAC 20‑30   Virginia Driver Improvement Act Rules and Regulations (Repealed)    
24 VAC 20‑50   Rules and Regulations for Motorcycle Rider Safety Training Center Program (Repealed) Fast-Track Stage Published 8/26/2013
24 VAC 20‑60   Virginia Commercial Driver's License Regulations (Repealed) Final Stage Published 7/29/2013
24 VAC 20‑70   Requirements for Proof of Residency to Obtain a Virginia Driver's License or Photo Identification Card (Repealed) Final Stage Published 8/23/2004
24 VAC 20‑80   Overload Permit Regulations (Repealed) Final Stage Published 1/30/2023
24 VAC 20‑81   Hauling Permit Regulation (Repealed) Final Stage Published 1/30/2023
24 VAC 20‑90   Evidence Required to Permit Registration or Reregistration of Vehicles for Which Proof of Tax Payment and of State Corporation Commission Registration Is Required (Repealed) Fast-Track Stage Published 7/29/2013
24 VAC 20‑100   Virginia Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Rules and Regulations (Repealed) Fast-Track Stage Published 4/26/2021
24 VAC 20‑110   T&M Vehicle, Trailer, and Motorcycle Dealer Advertising Practices and Enforcement Regulations (Repealed) Fast-Track Stage Published 4/26/2021
24 VAC 20‑120   Commercial Driver Training School Regulations (Repealed) Final Stage Published 10/29/2007
24 VAC 20‑130   International Registration Plan Virginia Rules and Regulations (Repealed)