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Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Board for Contractors
Board for Contractors Regulations
39 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
5534 Restricted Participation in Examination Development & Review 6/3/2014 
5816 2019-20 New Board Member Manual 7/1/2019 
6036 Board for Professional & Occupational Regulation Guidelines for Evaluation of Petitions for Regulation 9/22/2016 
6665 Proposed Guidance from the Board for Hearing Aid Specialists and Opticians regarding Related Technical Instruction for Optician Apprenticeships 6/13/2019 
6667 Master Barber Applicants who have Already Completed Training Equivalent to the Master Barber Curriculum 5/16/2019 
BC2019-02 Barber Schools Previously Approved to Teach Training Equivalent to the Master Barber Curriculum 5/16/2019 
BC2019-03 Cosmetology Instructors May Teach Nail or Wax Instructor Programs 5/16/2019 
BC2019-04 Approved Health Education Certifying Agencies 5/16/2019 
BOARD: Board for Contractors
2959 Board for Contractors Policies & Interpretations 7/11/2016 
5271 Waiver exemption of entry requirements for Residential Building Energy Analysts 6/24/2013 
5718 Contractors Criminal History Review Matrix 7/31/2015 
5719 Contractors Financial Review Matrix 10/1/2013 
5724 PSI Examination Equivalency 4/15/2015 
6241 Sewage Disposal System Qualified Individual Licensing Requirements 8/8/2017 
Policy #100-01 Establishing, Revising and Repealing Department Policy 5/22/2017 
Policy #100-02 Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance 5/22/2017 
Policy #100-03 Employee Use of Social Media 5/22/2017 
Policy #100-04 Release of Information 6/5/2017 
Policy #100-05 License Suspensions 5/22/2017 
Policy #100-06 Subpoenas/Service of Process/Notices 6/8/2017 
Policy #100-09 Gifts and Honoraria 6/5/2017 
Policy #100-11 Internet Website 6/8/2017 
Policy #100-14 Public Service Hours 9/24/2009 
Policy #100-17 Posting Information in Public Access Areas 6/8/2017 
Policy #100-18 Alternative Dispute Resolution 9/25/2009 
Policy #100-19 Ethics 11/1/2012 
Policy #200-18 Equal Employment Opportunity 3/17/2010 
Policy #300-01 Regulant Name & Address Change 6/13/2017 
Policy #300-02 Application & Application Fee Expiration 7/1/2018 
Policy #300-03 Expedited Licensing of Military Spouses 10/7/2016 
Policy #500-01 Purchasing 7/1/2018 
Policy #500-02 Contract and Purchase Order Modifications 7/1/2018 
Policy #600-01 Examination Fees 10/17/2018 
Policy #600-02 Examination Site Conduct 6/26/2014 
Policy #600-03 Restricted Participation in Examination Development & Review 6/3/2014 
Policy #700-03 Accounts Receivable and Debt Collection 7/1/2018 
Policy #700-04 Revenue Refunds 7/1/2018 
Policy #800-01 Criminal History Information & Online Public Records Information 6/13/2011 
Policy #800-02 Complaints Against Regulants 3/5/2010 

Documents listed are for the parent board or agency since they may be relevant to this chapter. No guidance documents apply to this chapter specifically.