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10/29/19  2:13 pm
Commenter: Jane Yaun, for VACSB Regulatory Committee

Comment #3

106-720 Lighting

Draft Reg Lighting in halls shall be adequate and shall be continuous at night. Comments: Is this is for residential services or all service locations? Is a night light sufficient?

106-740 Personal Necessities

Draft Reg A. In service locations where appropriate, an adequate supply of personal necessities shall be available to individuals receiving services at all times for purposes of personal hygiene and grooming. Comments: Is this when individuals are not able to afford it themselves that the program would pay for it?  Which service locations are considered “appropriate”? Outpatient clinics?

106-770 Animals

Add language consistent with ADA. 

106-810 Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

Draft Reg The provider shall maintain documentation of collaborative outreach to local emergency officials to include local emergency managers at least annually. Comments : If the CSB is part of a County government the communication occurs on an ongoing basis. The CSB would be part of their Counties EOC. What type of documentation of outreach is expected?

106-820 Access to telephone in emergency; Emergency Telephone numbers

Draft Reg A landline telephone shall be accessible for emergency purposes. The telephone shall be a line capable of operating during a power outage. Comments :  Is this for all services or just residential?








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