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10/21/19  10:07 am
Commenter: Diana Wilson WorkSource

Small organizations

References: I will repeat the same thing from above. When you are hiring younger staff, they may not have had 3 previous jobs, therefore, this make this reg unobtainable. Also, as stated many organization will only give hire date, end date, and job title. It has become a liability to say anything more. 

Training: Again, reiterating from above. We are a small agency and do not have an in house training department, so we are reliant upon others to allow us to use their training. This is not always available with in a 7 day time frame or even 14 days. I have been trying to find an organization who will help us out with this, and we are getting shut down on a regular basis. 

EHR: We don't have EHR at this time due to being a small day support program . We are reliant on getting our medical update from case managers or residential. The information is placed in wams, but once it is in there, it cannot be changed. I am continually contacting residential staff for medication updates, as they are not provided to me when a change has been made. So even if we had an EHR, it would be "outdated" because we did not receive the information in the first place.



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