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Regulations Banning Concealed Firearms in Offices Occupied by Executive Branch Agencies [1 VAC 30 ‑ 105]
Action Promulgation of new regulation banning concealed firearms in executive branch agency offices
Stage Emergency/NOIRA
Comment Period Ends 1/27/2016
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12/15/15  11:45 am
Commenter: F Vincent, retired state employee, former police officer, active NRA member

Proposed Action DECREASES public safety and makes state property MORE dangerous

This proposed regulation will have the opposite of the intended affect by prohibiting trained (and background checked) law-abiding citizens from defending themselves and others from attacks occurring on state property. This proposed regulation endangers state employees, law abiding citizens, and the innocent by prohibiting lawful, trained, citizens from taking positive steps to defend themselves and others. 

Additionally, the proposed language is unclear: is the prohibition only in effect inside offices and facilities?  Are parking lots and outside grounds on state property (but outside "offices and facilities") also included in the prohibited area?  Are off-duty law enforcement officers also prohibited from carrying - which in some cases violates their departmental policies?  How does this affect interstate travelers entering state-owned rest areas?

Since there have been NO shootings by concealed carry holders, this regulation should not be approved and the emergency regulation withdrawn.  Allow the topic to come before the General Assembly for debate rather than force this on the public by executive fiat.

Please extend the comment period for another 30 days.


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