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Action Practice of dry needling
Comment Period Ends 12/30/2015
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12/21/15  2:37 pm
Commenter: Leslie Lovelace

Dry Needling is not acupuncture

I am currently a Dry Needling therapist in Virginia. Dry Needling is different from acupuncture. I have had multiple patients that have had both performed on them and they continually tell me how different they are. Dry Needling is addressing hyperirritable muscle tissue to elicit a physiological response to in essence reset the muscle tissue to it's resting state. Even though the needles and insertion are very similar, the reasoning and goal of the treatment are very different. Physical therapist have a 4 year undergraduate degree as well as Masters or Doctore degree where we are trained in anatomy, biomechanics and clinical reasoning which makes us well educated and have all the background education before being trained to perform Dry needling.

I have had many patients where Dry Needling has been the only thing that has helped and others where it has prevented patients from having to have surgery. So why do healthcare providers what to take away dry needling where it has been shown over and over that it has helped patients. I thought as healthcare providers that we shoulder work together for the best interest of the patient. It just appears that someone is threatened.