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3/25/23  7:47 pm
Commenter: Melissa hicks

Parent caregiver’s

Please hear us!!!! As a parent of a special needs child with multiple disabilities it is impossible to work outside the home and care for our children properly. The healthcare system is broken as it is and it is impossible to keep nurses or caregivers in our homes. They quit quickly because of low pay, they use our children as a job to put on a resume to get a better paying job.this in turn means if a parent works outside the home he or she has to keep calling out of there job to stay home with there loved ones and lose there job anyway. There is so many dr appointments that the parent needs to go to, personally we have 3 appointments this month and physical therapy and occupational therapy 2 times a week. You can’t hold down a job and do all that and possibly have other children to tend to aswell. It is infatuating that this state finally did the right thing allowing parents and spouses to get compensated for doing above and beyond what a nurse would do for our family and then wants to take it away. Please don’t do this to families who need to stay home with there loved ones but also need to have the help of this small income. 

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