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chapters board activity
7 Active / Under Development Chapters and 1 Inactive / Repealed Chapters
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
6 VAC 40‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Periodic Review Agency Completed 1/18/2023
6 VAC 40‑15   Parking Regulation Fast-Track Stage Withdrawn 5/1/2023
6 VAC 40‑20   Regulations for Breath Alcohol Testing Periodic Review Agency Completed 5/25/2021
6 VAC 40‑30   Regulations for the Approval of Field Tests for Detection of Drugs Final Stage Published 8/30/2021
6 VAC 40‑40   Regulations for the Implementation of the Law Permitting DNA Analysis Upon Arrest for All Violent Felonies and Certain Burglaries Final Stage Published 10/10/2022
6 VAC 40‑50   Regulations for the Approval of Marijuana Field Tests for Detection of Marijuana Plant Material Proposed Stage Published 3/13/2023
6 VAC 40‑60   DNA Data Bank Regulations Fast-Track Stage Published 3/25/2024