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Board of Health Regulations Governing Vital Records [12 VAC 5 ‑ 550]
Amend regulations following periodic review - Change of Sex
[Withdrawn 11/12/2020]
Reason for Withdrawal
The passing of HB1041 and SB657 during the 2020 GA Session amended the Code to allow an administrative process to change the gender on the birth certificate of an individual that has transgender. Therefore, this regulatory action is no longer necessary. Regulation 12VAC-5-550-320 has been incorporated into Regulatory Action 5015/8238.
General Information
Action Summary The purpose of the proposed amendments is to make changes for clarity and accuracy, noting that a new certificate of birth may be prepared by the State Registrar for a person born in this Commonwealth upon receipt of a certified copy of an order of a court of competent jurisdiction indicating that the sex of an individual has been changed by medical procedure, and upon request of such person. These changes are necessary to conform the requirements of this section with what the Code of Virginia requires (ยง 32.1-269).
Chapters Affected Only affects this chapter.
Executive Branch Review This action will go through the normal Executive Branch Review process.
RIS Project Yes  [003634]
Result of Prior Periodic Review Filed 10/4/2010
New Periodic Review This action will not be used to conduct a new periodic review.
Stages associated with this regulatory action.
Stage ID Stage Type Status
6528 NOIRA Stage withdrawn on 11/12/2020 after the comment period had ended.
6935 Proposed Stage withdrawn on 11/12/2020 after the comment period had ended.
Contact Information
Name / Title: Janet Rainey  / State Registrar
Address: 2001 Maywill Street
Richmond, VA 23230
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