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Why become a registered user?

It's all about email notifications! You can choose to be notified about regulatory meetings or regulatory actions or both. You can choose to be notified about an entire secretariat, board or an individual chapter of the Virginia Administrative Code. Every night if actions or meetings have been scheduled which match your preferences the Town Hall will send you an email. And it's free! Agencies can also use the Town Hall user list to send you information when they wish to distribute information to those interested in their board.

How to register

Just click here to register. You will be asked for your email address (which you will later use to log in) and your name and a password. You may fill out the optional telephone and address information if you wish agencies to have access to that information. You will then be asked to specify your notification preferences. See the next section.

How to set up your notification preferences

Immediately after registering as a public user, you will get a screen to select your notification preferences. You can change these preferences later by choose the "Notification preferences" option from the left menu. See the sample screen below.

screen shot

What if you lose your password?

If you lose your password, on the login screen there is a link Can't remember your password?. After you click on this link you can enter your email address and the Town Hall will email your password to you at that address.

Will we give out your email address?

Your email address will only be used for two purposes: (1) to send you the notification emails that you sign up to receive and (2) for DPB and Agency regulatory coordinators to email you special announcements relating to the boards and regulations that match your preferences.

DPB will not provide your information to others or use it for any other purpose. For more information see our privacy policy.

DPB will not provide your information to others or use it for any other purpose. For more information see our privacy policy.

Public Comment Forums: Do you have to register?

You do not have to register to use the public comment forums. When you are not logged in as a registered public user you can enter a comment. You will be able to enter your name and, optionally, your organization along with the comment. Being a registered user will be useful if an agency wishes to contact you regarding your comment or send you additional information directly, but it is completely up to you.

  More details about public comment forums on the Town Hall.