Virginia Regulatory Town Hall

Overview of the Town Hall Website

The Virginia Regulatory Town Hall is the first comprehensive rulemaking website in the nation and has received numerous national and state awards. The website is managed by the Virginia Department of Planning and Budget (DPB).

The Town Hall allows state agencies to

The Town Hall provides the public with

Frequently Asked Questions about this website

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How is the Town Hall organized?

Information on the Town Hall is designed around the organization of stage government and the structure of the Virginia Administrative Code. The following chart illustrates the basic organizational structure of the website. Place your cursor over any item on this chart to learn more.

How is the Town Hall organized?

What information is available on the Town Hall?

All types of information surrounding the regulatory development process including:

Documents pertaining to a particular regulatory action/stage

What is the regulatory docket?

The regulatory docket is a listing of all regulations currently in development. Just click on the Changes Underway on the left menu bar to see this list.

Do I need any special software to use the Town Hall?

The Town Hall website is compatible with all popular web browsers. Documents on the Town Hall are available for viewing, saving on your own computer, or printing.

Adobe PDF Format

Downloadable documents are provided in Adobe PDF format. To view documents in the Adobe Acrobat format, you need to have the Adobe reader software installed on your computer. You can download the Adobe reader software free from Adobe's web site.