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Department of Criminal Justice Services
Department of Criminal Justice Services
Rules Relating to Compulsory Minimum Training Standards for Correctional Officers of the Department of Corrections, Division of Adult Institutions [6 VAC 20 ‑ 100]
Comprehensive Review of the Compulsory Minimum Training Standards for ...
Action 5649 / Stage 9355
Proposed Stage  
red ball Proposed Text 11/3/2021  1:44 pm  
pdf Agency Background Document 7/27/2021   (modified 10/15/2021)    
ORM Economic Review Form Not yet submitted  
pdf Attorney General Certification 8/20/2021   (modified 11/1/2021)    
pdf DPB Economic Impact Analysis 10/29/2021    
Agency Response to EIA Not yet submitted  

Attorney General Review Submitted to OAG: 7/27/2021
Review Completed: 11/1/2021
Result: Certified
DPB Review
Submitted on 8/23/2021
Review Completed: 11/6/2021
Secretary Review Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Review Completed: 11/8/2021
Governor's Review Governor's office review in progress.  [Day 982]
Virginia Registrar Not yet submitted
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Contact Information
Name / Title: Kristi Shalton  / Law Enforcement Program Coordinator
Address: Department of Criminal Justice Services
1100 Bank St
Richmond, VA 23219
Email Address:
Telephone: (804)786-7801    FAX: (804)786-0410    TDD: ()-


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Action 5649:
Comprehensive Review of the Compulsory Minimum Training Standards for Correctional Officers of the Department of Corrections
Stages associated with this regulatory action.
Stage Type Status
NOIRA   (9138) Stage withdrawn on 11/18/2020 before DPB completed its review.
NOIRA   (9162) Stage complete. Comment period ended 04/14/2021.
Proposed   (9355) Governor's office review in progress.
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