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Mandate 475

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Amendments to VDOT Land Development Regulations - Chapters 104, 164, 647, 870, and 888 of 2011 Acts of Assembly
Purpose of legislation
Ch. 647 - repealed subsection C of § 15.2-2222.1, requiring the Traffic Impact Analysis Regulations (TIA) be amended to remove the requirements for VDOT to review subdivision plats, site plans, and plans for development. Ch. 870 - Requires: (1) VDOT to review and adopt by November 30, 2011, any appropriate revisions to the Traffic Impact Analysis Regulations (24 VAC 30-155) to become effective no later than January 1, 2012; (2) the CTB to adopt revisions to the Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements (24 VAC 30-92) by November 30, 2011 based on recommendations by VDOT to become effective by January 1, 2012; and (3) the Commissioner to review and adopt revisions to the Access Management Regulations (24 VAC 30-72 and 24 VAC 30-73) prior to November 11, 2011 concerning their application to entrances for family subdivisions. The adopted revisions shall become effective no later than January 1, 2012. Ch. 888 - directed VDOT to complete a “more limited” review of rezoning requests when the proposed use is consistent with the current locality comprehensive plan designation and the comprehensive plan was reviewed previously pertaining to the TIA Regulations. The TIA regulations were amended to reflect this change. During the regulatory review of all four regulations, VDOT discovered additional items in the two Access Management Regulations that needed amending, either to make them consistent with the other regulations amended, or to correct technical errors (for example, Chapters 104 and 164 of the 2011 Acts repealed a specific power of the CTB relative to drive-in theaters, which created a need to amend the Access Mgt. Regulations). All amendments were submitted under a regulatory action related to 24VAC30-72. Due to limitations of the Town Hall system, the consolidated action covering these multiple mandates can be linked to only one mandate, Chapter 870 of the 2011 Acts.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 870 (2011)
VAC chapters to be amended
24 vac 30 - 72 : Access Management Regulations: Principal Arterials ()
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 3597: Revisions to Land Development Regulations from 2011 Legislative Actions
Latest Stage: Final
Deadline for the regulation to become effective 12/31/2011
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