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Board of Health Regulations Governing Vital Records [12 VAC 5 ‑ 550]
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12/14/15  3:14 pm
Commenter: Katelyn O'Conner

Rights for Transgender individuals.

There are many people, including me who have changed there name but not there gender marker. I cant see any reason why the courts need to be invloved with this process. I also cant understand why my birth sex is important to any one other than me. If I live my life as a woman 24hrs a day then I should be able to check female on any required paper work for the state and local goverments. I also work for the Federal Goverment and my social security account lists me as a female. Why cant the state fall in suit with the Federal goverment. It seems to me we are making this way to difficult, a gender presentation is a very personnel decision and one not determined by any doctor or court but by the person as an individual. Please solve this problem and take this issue out of the courts and stream line this process to accomadate those of us trying just to be our selves.

Thank you,

Katelyn O'Conner

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