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Virginia Emergency Medical Services Regulations [12 VAC 5 ‑ 31]
Action Amend current regulations to include new regulations as a result of legislative changes and changes in the practice of EMS.
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9/12/12  6:09 pm
Commenter: Jim Thurber

I support EMS personel being allowed to open or concealed carry

Sirs...with all due respect it seems illogical that somehow the current laws cannot trust emergency service personel to carry a firearm about their persons but we can entrust them to try to save our lives. It has been said that EMS folks may be the first ones on a crime scene. If I am the one laying in the middle of the street with a life threatening injury I would hope that the EMS would be available to prevent a subsequent attack by the bad guy trying to finish me off.


After 9-11 the big debate was whether or not it would be dangerous to arm our pilots. I remember wondering whether or not those opposed to arming pilots ever thought that if a pilot wanted to harm passengers in a commercial airliner, the pilot would not need a firearm. I believe we saw the answer to that question a year or so later on a commercial airline headed to the middle east.


The question is not whether or not EMS can be trusted with a firearm, the question is why aren't they being entrusted with a firearm?

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