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Guidance Document Change: Support Coordination/Case Management is the core service that Virginians with developmental disabilities and behavioral health disorders use to help navigate and make the best use of Virginia’s publicly funded system of services. Strengthening the Support Coordinator’s/Case Manager’s role is essential to assuring effective and accountable services within the Medicaid Developmental Disability Waivers. The purpose of this manual is to guide Support Coordinators in all aspects of their work. These adjustments include altering wording for clarity, reorganizing content for easier navigation, providing language updates that are in line with current support coordination practices, and condensing portions of chapters for clarity and conciseness. The draft can be viewed here:
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1/9/24  4:35 pm
Commenter: Theresa McGhee, ServiceSource

Seeking Clarification

Within Chapter 12: Employment, Post- Secondary Opportunities, and Integrated Community Involvement> Employment Services under Waiver (page 124). The handbook indicates the following:

Ordinarily, DARS would be a first option for referral for employment services for people who use Waiver services. However, this may be bypassed when DARS has a waitlist. Acceptable documentation for this would be: 1) Written documentation from DARS or the school system, OR 2) Progress note that records the content of a communication that includes a name, date, and person contacted, documented either in the individual's file maintained by the SC on the ISP or the supported employment provider's supporting documentation. Unless the individual's circumstances change (for example, the individual is seeking a new job), the original verification may be forwarded into the current record or repeated on the supporting documentation. 

The text needs clarification on the following:

  1. What constitutes as a DARS waitlist?
    1. Is a waitlist communicated only after a job seeker as been determined eligible to receive DARS services or does a waitlist also include the 60 day period DARS has to determine someone's eligibility to receive services?
  2. Where can Support Coordinators locate information on whether there is a waitlist?
    1. Does DARS share this information on a case by case basis or is the expectation that DARS provides this information through formal communication, such as a memorandum?
    2. What is the Support Coordinator's responsibility on maintaining verification that there is a waitlist to justify utilizing Waiver for Supported Employment services?

As a provider, we want to ensure we continue to work with our Support Coordinators in properly utilizing the employment resources that are available to the individuals we support. Having clarity on what defines a DARS waitlist and where to access this information will ensure that Support Coordinators and providers understand expectations and help communicate informed choices to job seekers. 


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