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Health, State Board of
Title Legislation ActionID / Latest Stage
Continuing Care Retirement Communities; Admission to Nursing Home Beds Chap 433 (2013)
Implementation of Voluntary Electronic Monitoring in Nursing Home Residents' Rooms Chap 674 (2013), Chap 682 (2013)
COPN - Transfer of nursing facility beds and CCRC open admission periods Chap 515 (2013)
COPN - Amendments to Conditions of Existing Certificates Chap 460 (2013)
Hospital Stillbirth Policies Chap 661 (2015) 4499 / NOIRA
Amend Disease Reporting and Control Regulations to make Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome a reportable condition Chap 280 (2017)
Amend newborn screening regulations to add congenital cytomegalovirus Chap 423 (2019) 5351 / Final
Promulgate Regulations for Use of Greywater and Rainwater Chap 817 (2018) 5542 / NOIRA
Health insurance carriers that credential physicians in their networks to establish protocols and procedures for reimbursing new provider applicants for health care services Chap 703 (2018) 5379 / Fast-Track
Amend regulations to add perinatal anxiety Chap 433 (2019) 5453 / Fast-Track
Amending the regulations for the Immunization of School Children Chap 1223 (2020)
Promulgating Emergency regulations for Inpatient hospitals to report the admission source of any individuals meeting the criteria for voluntary or involuntary psychiatric commitment Item 307 (2020)
Promulgating regulations pertaining state certifcation of doulas Chap 724 (2020)
Promulgating regulations certifying community health workers Chap 363 (2020)
Promulgating regulations requiring all public safety answering points (PSAPs) within the Commonwealth to provide training that educates telecommunicators on the importance of high-quality CPR and the Chap 1068 (2020), Chap 1069 (2020)
Amend regulations to add notification for physical therapy requirements and requiring hospitals with an ED to establish a treatment for individuals experiencing a substance use-related emergency Chap 714 (2020), Chap 942 (2020) 5524 / Final
Develop regulations to establish standards for review and approval of sexual assault survivor treatment plans Chap 725 (2020) 5543 / NOIRA
Establish standards for review and approval of sexual assault survivor treatment plans Chap 503 (2020)
Repealing regulations around first term abortion facilities and hospital standards Chap 898 (2020), Chap 899 (2020) 5516 / Final
Amend regulation to eliminate the requirement for court order to amend the sex on the individual’s birth certificate Chap 465 (2020)
Amending regulation to permit hospices to store, dispense or administer cannabidiol oil or THC-A oil Chap 846 (2020) 5522 / Final
Allow Emergency Medical Services agencies in medically underserved areas to transport patients to 24-hour urgent care facilities or appropriate medical care facility other than hospital Chap 930 (2020)
Amending regulations in accordance with Task Force recommendations Chap 1271 (2020)