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Department of Juvenile Justice
Department (Board) of Juvenile Justice
13 guidance documents relevant to this board for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
7552 Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act (VJCCCA) Manual 9/1/2023 
HRRC Confidentiality Agreement Form 4/15/2021 
HRRC Research Agreement 4/15/2021 
HRRC Research Proposal Summary Form 4/15/2021 
BOARD: Department (Board) of Juvenile Justice
3371 Compliance Manual Regulation for Nonresidential Services * 7/1/2011 
3652 Guidelines for Transporting Juveniles in Detention * 9/8/2004 
4225 Guidelines for Determining the Length of Stay of Juveniles Indeterminately Committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice * 2/4/2023 
4226 Guidelines for Approval & Reimbursement for Local Facility Construction * 3/20/2001 
7017 Guidance Document Interpreting 6VAC35-170, Review and Approval of Data Requests and Research Proposals * 6/24/2021 
7190 Guidance Document Supplementing 6VAC35-210 * 3/18/2022 
3710 Compliance Manual Regulation Governing Juvenile Group Homes and Halfway House * 1/1/2014 
3720 Compliance Manual Regulation Governing Juvenile Correctional Centers * 1/1/2014 
3730 Compliance Manual Regulation Governing Juvenile Secure Detention Centers * 1/1/2014 

* Document applies to one or more specific chapters and not to the board as a whole