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Charitable Gaming Regulations [11 VAC 15 ‑ 40]    (Repealed)
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Consolidates charitable gaming regulations and establishes guidelines for electronic games of chance
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CLOSED     Opened on 11/7/2011 and Ended on 1/6/2012

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Comment Title Commenter
Comments on Charitable gaming regulation. Mark Newton, VKGS LLC dba Video King  1/6/12  7:02 pm
Comments on proposed Charitable Gaming Regulations (11VAC15-40-10) John Wohlfarth, Capital Bingo, Inc  1/6/12  7:00 pm
Virginia Charitable Bingo Association Comments to Proposed Regulations Matthew Benka, Virginia Charitable Bingo Association  1/5/12  5:45 pm
charitable gaming regulations Mary B. Magnuson, National Association of Fundraising Ticket Manufacturers  1/4/12  10:39 pm
Comments to proposed rules 11 VAC 15-40-10 Emile S. Bourgoyne, International Gamco, Inc.  1/4/12  4:46 pm
COMMENTS on Proposed Regulation 11 VAC 15-40 Emile S. Bourgoyne, International Gamco, Inc.  1/4/12  4:41 pm
Modified Winner-Take-All game(s) Terry Webster, St. John's Young Men Bingo, Inc.  12/24/11  10:27 am
Limit on Devices Jeff Lessin, 501 Services, Inc.  12/15/11  11:38 am
Thank you ! service laptopuri  12/6/11  8:06 am
Permits Robert Goolrick, Arlington-Fairfax Elks Lodge 2188  11/30/11  12:18 pm
bingo gaming caller,Mark Mckenney  11/16/11  5:42 pm
Payment of Reasonable Fees Terry Webster, St. John's Young Men Bingo Association, Inc.  11/15/11  4:16 pm
THE CHANGE IN RULE #6-D 11VAC 15-40-60 David Callis  11/14/11  6:25 pm
Charitable Gaming Regulation Rev. Eddy Aliff, Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists  11/12/11  12:54 pm

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