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Esthetics Regulations [18 VAC 41 ‑ 70]
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Promulgation of Board for Barbers and Cosmetology Esthetics Regulations
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CLOSED     Opened on 10/11/2006 and Ended on 12/29/2006

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Comment Title Commenter
More Hours?!?!?!? Vallee Skin Care Studio  12/29/06  12:00 am
600 more hours??? Concerned Licensed Aesthetician  12/29/06  12:00 am
Has the law already been changed? Concerned Esthetician  12/29/06  12:00 am
Regulations for Estheticians--600 Master is unjust Lynn L. Pickett--Instructor  12/28/06  12:00 am
600 Hours Is Enough Cathie Hilton, Anti-Aging Solutions  12/28/06  12:00 am
Wanting to Be Heard Debbie Wilson, Aesthetician  12/28/06  12:00 am
master aesthetics will do nothing but hurt aestheticians Lara C. Aesthetician  12/28/06  12:00 am
Proposed Esthetics Regulations Margaret LaPierre  12/27/06  12:00 am
only the schools gain and aestheticians and spas lose Aesthetician  12/20/06  12:00 am
Lymphatic training Lynn Phillips -Certified Lymphedema Therapist- Equilibrium Therapy LLC  12/20/06  12:00 am
School quality vs. School quantity Esthetician  12/19/06  12:00 am
Master Aesthetician K. Christian  12/14/06  12:00 am
SCHEV Certification Linda Woodley, SCHEV  12/12/06  12:00 am
Estchetics Regulations Mayulee Nelson, Red Door Saps  12/10/06  12:00 am
law has already changed licensed esthetician  12/10/06  12:00 am
Do not lower standards for untrained individuals Already a Licensed Esthetician  12/10/06  12:00 am
Review of the laws Red Door Spa in Reston  12/9/06  12:00 am
Please do not change the law Shahnaz Hosseini  12/9/06  12:00 am
Only the schools will benefit from this proposed regulation, not the public Cherry  12/9/06  12:00 am
Esthetics Regulations Chanel Mathis, Ohm Spa Sanctuary  12/1/06  12:00 am
Esthetics Total ChangeZ School Of Cosmetology  10/31/06  12:00 am

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