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Fast Track: CH 630 Technical Amendment to Align with Code
Stage: Fast-Track

8VAC20-630-20. Remediation plan development and approval.

Each local school division shall develop a local remediation plan designed to strengthen and improve the academic achievement of eligible students. Local school divisions shall submit these plans at a time to be determined by the Superintendent of Public Instruction for approval by the Board of Education. Following approval of the plan, each local school division shall submit a budget for the remediation plan that identifies the sources of state funds in the plan.


8VAC20-630-50. Reporting requirements. (Repealed.)

Annually, each local school division shall collect and report to the Department of Education, on-line or on forms provided by the department, the following data pertaining to eligible students:

1. The number of students failing a state-sponsored test required by the Standards of Quality or Standards of Accreditation;

2. A demographic profile of students attending state-funded remedial programs;

3. The academic status of each student attending state-funded remedial programs;

4. The types of instruction offered;

5. The length of the program;

6. The cost of the program;

7. The number of ungraded and disabled students, and those with limited English proficiency;

8. As required, the pass rate on Standards of Learning assessments; and

9. The percentage of students at each grade level who have met their remediation goals.