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Reinstatement of certification as a surgical technologist
Stage: Fast-Track
6/17/22  9:52 AM
18VAC85-160-75 Reinstatement or reactivation of surgical technologist certification

A. A certified surgical technologist who holds a current, unrestricted certificate in Virginia shall, upon a request on the renewal application and submission of the required fee, be issued an inactive certificate. The holder of an inactive certificate shall not be entitled to perform any act requiring a certification to practice surgical technology in Virginia.

B. An inactive certificate holder may reactivate his certificate upon submission of the following:

1. An application as required by the board;

2. A payment of the difference between the current renewal fee for inactive certification and the renewal fee for active certification; and

3. Documentation of completed continued competency hours as required by 18VAC85-160-65.

C. A surgical technologist who allows his certificate to lapse for a period of two years or more and chooses to resume his practice shall submit a reinstatement application to the board and information on any practice and licensure or certification in other jurisdictions during the period in which the certificate was lapsed and shall pay the fee for reinstatement of certification as prescribed in 18VAC85-160-40.

D. The board reserves the right to deny a request for reactivation or reinstatement to any certificate holder who has been determined to have committed an act in violation of § 54.1-2915 of the Code of Virginia or any provisions of this chapter.

E. A surgical technologist whose certificate has been revoked by the board and who wishes to be reinstated shall make a new application to the board and payment of the fee for reinstatement of his certificate as prescribed in 18VAC85-160-40 pursuant to § 54.1-2408.2 of the Code of Virginia.