Virginia Regulatory Town Hall

Proposed Text


Electronic Rebates
Stage: Fast-Track
10/8/21  9:25 AM
3VAC5-20-90 Advertising; coupons

A. "Normal retail price" shall mean the average retail price of the brand and size of the product in a given market, and not a reduced or discounted price.

B. Coupons may be advertised in accordance with the following conditions and restrictions:

1. Manufacturers or importers of spirits, wine, and beer may use only consumer mail-in submitted refund, not instantly redeemable discount, coupons. The coupons may not exceed 50% of the normal retail price and may not be honored at a retail outlet or state government store but shall be mailed submitted directly to the manufacturer or importer or its designated agent. Such agent may not be a wholesaler or retailer of alcoholic beverages. Consumer proof of purchase (such as a dated, retail specific receipt) is required for redemption of all consumer coupons. Coupons are permitted in the print media, via the Internet, by direct mail or electronic mail to consumers, or as part of, or attached to, the package. Manufacturers, importers, bottlers, brokers, wholesalers, and their representatives may provide coupon pads to retailers for use by retailers on their premises, if done for all retail licensees equally and after obtaining the consent, which may be a continuing consent, of each retailer or his representative. Wholesale licensees may attach refund coupons to the package if done for all retail licensees equally and after obtaining the consent, which may be a continuing consent, for each retailer or his representative.

2. Manufacturers or importers offering refund coupons on spirits and wine sold in state government stores shall notify the board at least 15 days in advance of the issuance of the coupons of its amount, its expiration date and the area of the Commonwealth in which it will be primarily used, if not used statewide.

3. Wholesale licensees are not permitted to offer coupons.

4. Retail licensees may offer coupons, including their own discount or refund coupons, on wine and beer sold for off-premises consumption only. Retail licensees may offer their own coupons in the print media, at the point-of-sale or by direct mail to consumers.

5. No retailer may be paid a fee by manufacturers or wholesalers of alcoholic beverages for display or use of coupons and the name of the retail establishment may not appear on any refund coupons offered by manufacturers. No manufacturer or wholesaler may furnish any coupons or materials regarding coupons to retailers which are customized or designed for discount or refund by the retailer.

6. Retail licensees or employees thereof may not receive refunds on coupons obtained from the packages before sale at retail.

7. No coupons may be honored for any individual below the legal age for purchase.