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18VAC76-40-10. Requirement to report.

In accordance with provisions of ยง 54.1-2506.1 of the Code of Virginia, the following persons or entities who hold a license, certificate, registration, or permit issued by a board within the Department of Health Professions and whose address of record is in Virginia, a contiguous state, or the District of Columbia shall report emergency contact information as required by this chapter:

1. Assisted living facility administrators;

2. Athletic trainers;

3. Certified Licensed massage therapists;

4. Clinical psychologists;

5. Clinical social workers;

6. Dentists;

7. Dental hygienists;

8. Funeral service licensees, embalmers, and funeral directors;

9. Licensed acupuncturists;

10. Licensed practical nurses;

11. Licensed professional counselors;

12. Medical equipment suppliers;

13. Nursing home administrators;

14. Pharmacists;

15. Pharmacy technicians;

16. Physical therapists;

17. Physician assistants;

18. Radiologic technologists;

19. Registered nurses;

20. Respiratory care practitioners;

21. Surface transportation and removal service registrants;

22. Veterinarians; and

23. Wholesaler distributors of pharmaceuticals.


18VAC76-40-20. Emergency contact information.

A. Upon a request from the department, a person or entity listed in 18VAC76-40-10 shall be required to report the following information for contact in the event of a public health emergency or for dissemination of public health information:

1. A telephone number at which he may be contacted during weekday business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.);

2. A telephone number at which he may be contacted during nonbusiness hours (5 p.m. to 8 a.m. weekdays and on weekends or holidays);

3. A fax number at which he may be sent information concerning the emergency; and

4. 1. An e-mail email address at which he the person or entity may be sent information concerning the emergency; and

2. A number at which the person or entity may be contacted or sent information by text.

B. A person or entity shall only be required to report those fax numbers or e-mail email addresses to which he has direct access.

C. Information collected for the purpose of disseminating notification of a public health emergency or public health information or providing information related to serving during a public health emergency shall not be published or made available for any other purpose.