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Article 4
Electronic Pull-tab Devices

11VAC15-40-300. Electronic pull-tab device general requirements.

A. Each electronic pull-tab device shall bear a seal approved by the commissioner and affixed by the department.

B. An electronic pull-tab device shall not be capable of being used for the purposes of engaging in any game prohibited by the department.

C. In addition to a video monitor or touch screen, each electronic pull-tab device may have one or more of the following: a bill acceptor, printer, and electromechanical buttons for activating the game and providing player input, including a means for the player to make selections and choices in games.

D. For each electronic pull-tab device, there shall be located anywhere within the distributed pull-tab system, nonvolatile memory or its equivalent. The memory shall be maintained in a secure location for the purpose of storing and preserving a set of critical data that has been error checked in accordance with the critical memory requirements of this regulation.

E. An electronic pull-tab device shall not have any switches, jumpers, wire posts, or other means of manipulation that could affect the operation or outcome of a game. The electronic pull-tab device may not have any functions or parameters adjustable through any separate video display or input codes except for the adjustment of features that are wholly cosmetic.

F. An electronic pull-tab device shall not have any of the following attributes: spinning or mechanical reels, pull handle, sounds or music solely intended to entice a player to play, flashing lights, tower light, top box, coin tray, ticket acceptance, hopper, coin acceptor, enhanced animation, cabinet or payglass artwork, or any other attribute identified by the department.

G. An electronic pull-tab device shall be robust enough to withstand forced illegal entry that would leave behind physical evidence of the attempted entry or such entry that causes an error code that is displayed and transmitted to the distributed pull-tab system. Any such entry attempt shall inhibit game play until cleared, and shall not affect the subsequent play or any other play, prize, or aspect of the game.

H. Except as provided in subsection I of this section, the number of electronic pull-tab devices, other than those electronic pull-tab devices that are handheld, present at any premises at which charitable gaming is conducted shall be limited to 10. Except as provided in subsection I of this section the number of handheld electronic pull-tab devices present at any premises at which charitable gaming is conducted shall be limited to 50. The department shall determine whether an electronic pull-tab device is handheld.

I. The number of electronic pull-tab devices used to facilitate the play of electronic pull-tabs sold, played, and redeemed at any premises pursuant to ยง 18.2-340.26:1 of the Code of Virginia shall be limited to five nine.