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NBCOT certification as option for CE
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11/1/16  3:18 PM


18VAC85-80-71. Continued competency requirements for renewal of an active license.

A. In order to renew an active license biennially, a practitioner shall complete the Continued Competency Activity and Assessment Form that is provided by the board and that shall indicate completion of complete at least 20 contact hours of continuing learning activities as follows:

1. A minimum of 10 of the 20 hours shall be in Type 1 activities offered by a sponsor or organization recognized by the profession and may include in-service training, self-study courses, continuing education courses, specialty certification or professional workshops.

2. No more than 10 of the 20 hours may be Type 2 activities, which may include consultation with another therapist, independent reading or research, preparation for a presentation or other such experiences that promote continued learning.

3. The board recognizes the maintenance of current NBCOT certification as fulfilling the requirements of this subsection.

B. A practitioner shall be exempt from the continuing competency requirements for the first biennial renewal following the date of initial licensure in Virginia.

C. The practitioner shall retain in his records the completed form of continuing competency courses and activities with all supporting documentation for a period of six years following the renewal of an active license.

D. The board shall periodically conduct a random audit of at least one to two percent of its active licensees to determine compliance. The practitioners selected for the audit shall provide the completed Continued Competency Activity and Assessment Form and all supporting documentation within 30 days of receiving notification of the audit.

E. Failure to comply with these requirements may subject the licensee to disciplinary action by the board.

F. The board may grant an extension of the deadline for continuing competency requirements for up to one year for good cause shown upon a written request from the licensee prior to the renewal date.

G. The board may grant an exemption for all or part of the requirements for circumstances beyond the control of the licensee, such as temporary disability, mandatory military service, or officially declared disasters.