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Petition 137
Petition Information
Petition Title Bull Run - Designation as an Exceptional State Water (Tier III)
Date Filed 5/11/2011    [Transmittal Sheet]
Petitioner National Park Service 
Petitioner's Request

The petitioner has requested that the State Water Control Board amend the Water Quality Standards to designate Bull Run from the northern end of Manassas National Battlefield Park boundary, at the confluence of Little Bull Run, South to where it crosses Route 66 a Tier III Exceptional State Water.

Agency's Plan

A 21-day public comment period is being announced in the Virginia Register of Regulations. Upon completion of the publicl comment period, the State Water Control Board will consider the petition at their fall meeting and decide whether or not to move forward with the rulemaking.

Comment Period Began 6/6/2011    Ended 6/27/2011
Virginia Register Announcement Submitted on 5/11/2011
The Virginia Register of Regulations
Published on: 6/6/2011     Volume: 27  Issue: 20
Agency Decision Initiate a regulatory change [Transmittal Sheet]    
Response Date 9/12/2011
Decision Publication Date Published on: 10/10/2011     Volume: 28  Issue: 3
Agency Decision Summary

The petition for rulemaking was granted by the State Water Control Board at its meeting on August 4, 2011, based on the staff presentation and conclusion that the petitioned segment of Bull Run met sufficient eligibility criteria, set forth in the State Water Quality Standards regulation, for consideration as a Tier III Exceptional State Water. 

Associated regulatory action Designate a portion of Bull Run as Exceptional State Waters
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Name / Title: David C. Whitehurst 
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