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Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Control and Eradication of Pullorum Disease and Fowl Typhoid in Poultry Flocks and Hatcheries and Products Thereof in Virginia [2 VAC 5 ‑ 90]
Review 606
Periodic Review of this Chapter
Includes a Small Business Impact Review
Date Filed: 2/12/2001
Notice of Periodic Review
The deadline for receipt of comment is 10:00 a. m.
Publication of Notice in the Register and Public Comment Period
Published in the Virginia Register on 2/12/2001
Comment Period begins on the publication date and ended on 3/6/2001

Comments Received: 0

Review Result
Retain the regulation with no changes
pdf TH-07 Periodic Review Report of Findings   (5/8/2001)
Attorney General Certification
Prior to early 2014, AG periodic review certifications were done off-line