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General Notice
Public Comment Opportunity - Stafford Regional Airport -Proposed Runway Extension and Airport Development Project
Date Posted: 6/16/2017
Expiration Date: 8/4/2017
Submitted to Registrar for publication: YES
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PURPOSE OF NOTICE:  The Department of Environmental Quality seeks public comment on an Environmental Assessment for a Proposed Runway Extension and Airport Development Project at the Stafford Regional Airport in Stafford County, Virginia.

PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD:  June 16, 2017 through August 4, 2017

TYPE OF RESPONSE:  Environmental Assessment.

DEQ is reviewing an Environmental Assessment for a proposed runway extension and other improvements as a component of the airport’s License Modification Application.  The purpose of the Environmental Assessment is to determine if a runway extension and additional development at the Airport would significantly impact socioeconomic and environmental resources within the proposed project area.

NAME OF AGENCY PROPOSING THE PROJECT:  The Stafford Regional Airport Authority has submitted a License Modification Application to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Virginia Department of Aviation (DoAv).

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  The plans to construct airport improvements as specified in the 2013 Stafford Regional Airport Master Plan Update (AMPU) and as shown on the conditionally approved 2016 Airport Layout Plan (ALP).  The Proposed Action includes the following project elements:

  • Extend Runway 15-33 by 1,000-feet
  • Extend the existing 35-foot wide parallel taxiway by 1,000-feet
  • Construct one 350-foot long by 35-foot wide connector taxiway
  • Construct one 100-foot long by 35-foot wide connector taxiway
  • Construct two 150-foot by 120-foot asphalt blast pads
  • Relocate the localizer antenna, localizer equipment shelter, and airport perimeter road 1,000-feet northwest of their current location
  • Rehabilitate the existing 5,000-foot asphalt runway, taxiways, and apron
  • Reinstate northern traffic pattern for Runway 15-33
  • Relocate the Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) and Runway 33 glideslope antenna
  • Construct a 48-foot wide by 750-foot long emergency access road
  • Acquire in fee simple approximately 105 acres of land
  • Release approximately 14.75 acres of Airport property to Stafford County EDA
  • Acquire approximately 91 acres of avigation easements
  • Relocate approximately 820,000 cubic yards of soil on airport property
  • Construct approximately 13,000 square yards of additional apron
  • Construct two 10-unit T-Hangars and associated taxilanes
  • Construct approximately 8,800 square yards of additional automobile parking spaces
  • Construct one 100-foot by 150-foot hangar, one 120-foot by 100-foot hangar, three 120-foot by 120-foot hangars, one 100-foot by 190-foot flight school, and four 60-foot by 60-foot box hangars
  • Construct a 1,200-square foot maintenance equipment storage shed
  • Relocate the airport security perimeter fence, precision approach path indicator (PAPI) lights, and windsock
  • Install one additional 12,000-gallon Jet A fuel tank and associated fuel delivery loop road
  • Remove approximately 162 acres of future obstructions (35 on-airport property and 127 acres off-airport property) to FAR Part 77 primary, approach, and transitional surfaces for the runway extension
  • Install a Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System (MALS) on Runway 15 and Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (RAIL) on Runway 33
  • Develop instrument approach procedures to Runway 15

HOW TO COMMENT:  DEQ accepts comments from the public by e-mail, fax, or U.S. Mail (see below).  All comments must include the name, address, and telephone number of the person commenting and be received by DEQ within the comment period.  The public may review the project documents at the following locations:

  • Stafford Regional Airport, 95 Aviation Way, Fredericksburg, VA 22406
  • England Run Branch Public Library, 806 Lyons Boulevard, Fredericksburg, VA 22406
  • Virginia Department of Aviation, 5702 Gulfstream Road, Richmond, VA 23250
  • Federal Aviation Administration, Washington Airports District Office, 23723 Air Freight Lane, Suite 210, Dulles, VA  20166
  • Department of Environmental Quality, 629 E. Main Street, Richmond, VA 23219
  • DEQ Northern Regional Office, 13901 Crown Court, Woodbridge, VA 22193

A copy of the Draft EA will also be made available online at the Stafford Regional Airport’s website:, and on the DEQ’s website:

A public hearing to accept comments will be held on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Stafford Regional Airport.  Anyone desiring to be heard in support of, or in opposition to, this proposed action may attend and have their comments considered by the Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Aviation.

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