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Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
TMDL Public Meeting - Several Water Bodies in Southampton, Sussex, and Greensville Counties

Meeting Details
Date / Time 2/15/2012  6:30 pm
Location Southampton Board of Supervisors Meeting Room
26022 Administration Center Dr
Courtland, VA 
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Disability Friendly? Yes       Deaf interpreter available upon request? Yes
Purpose of the meeting
The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality will host a public meeting on water quality studies for several water bodies that are impaired due to not meeting bacteria water quality standards. The purpose of the meeting is to provide information and discuss the outcomes of the studies with interested local community members and local government. Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act and §62.1-44.19:7.C of the Code of Virginia, require DEQ to develop TMDLs for pollutants responsible for each impaired water contained in Virginia’s 303(d) TMDL Priority List and Report and subsequent Water Quality Assessment Reports. The purpose of the studies is to develop a Total Maximum Daily Load for the impaired waters. A TMDL is the total amount of a pollutant a water body can contain and still meet water quality standards. To restore water quality, pollutant levels have to be reduced to the TMDL amount. The waters listed below were identified in Virginia’s Water Quality Assessment Integrated Report as impaired for not supporting the Recreation Use. The impairments are based on water quality monitoring data reports of sufficient exceedances of Virginia’s water quality standard for E.coli: Flat Swamp, VAT-K13R_FTS01A04; Three Creek – Lower , VAT-K27R_TRE02A00; Three Creek – Upper, VAT-K27R_TRE01A00; Mill Swamp, VAT-K28R_MSP01A06; Darden Mill Run, VAT-K30R_DMR01A02; Tarrara Creek, VAT-K13R_TRR01A00. Several impaired segments were also identified in the Assessment Report as needing an assessment to determine if natural conditions are the cause of the low DO and pH values. If it is determined that anthropogenic causes contribute to the impairments, a TMDL will be developed for each waterbody listed: Flat Swamp, VAT-K13R_FTS01A04, DO; Mill Swamp, VAT-K28R_MSP01A06, DO; Darden Mill Run, VAT-K30R_DMR01A02, DO and pH. The public comment period on materials presented at this meeting will extend from February 16, 2012 to March 16, 2012. Notice of this meeting will be published in the Virginia Register on January 30, 2012. * Additional information is also available on the DEQ web site at
Meeting Scope
Public hearing to receive comment on a proposed stage
General business of the board
Discuss particular regulations / chapters

Contact Information
Name / Title: Jennifer Howell 
Address: DEQ - Tidewater Regional Office
5636 Southern Blvd
Virginia Beach, 23462
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Telephone: (757)518-2111    FAX: (757)518-2009    TDD: (804)698-4021