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Mandate 1278

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Nutrient credits; DEQ to accelerate release of credits generated by stream restoration project
Purpose of legislation
This bill provides that notwithstanding any release schedule set out in the State Water Control Board’s regulations DEQ may accelerate the release of a maximum of 50 percent of nutrient credits from a stream restoration project based on (i) a determination that the level of risk for restoration failure is low, (ii) the provision of additional financial assurance in an amount adequate to cover the cost of project repair or replacement in the event of failure, and (iii) the experience of the applicant or the applicant's agents who will implement the stream restoration project. The bill’s second enactment clause provides that this bill will become effective 30 days after DEQ issues guidance regarding the implementation of this bill.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 526 (2022)
VAC chapters to be amended
9 vac 25 - 900 : Certification of Nonpoint Source Nutrient Credits (formerly 4VAC50-80)
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 6002: Revisions to CH 900 in response to SB 187 (2022 GA session)
Latest Stage: Final
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