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Title Guide to Highway System Changes
Summary This document was prepared to serve as a reference for Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) personnel throughout the Commonwealth. It references the policies and procedures VDOT uses to make major categories of changes to the secondary system: additions to subdivision streets, rural additions, and additions to the secondary system at the request of certain towns under 3,500 or facilities that serve as primary access to public schools; abandoning roads that are part of the secondary system; and discontinuing a road from the secondary system.
Effective Date 3/30/2023
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Explanation or Citations Interprets/implements the following Code of Virginia sections: §§33.2-325, 33.2-334, 33.2-335, 33.2-339, 33.2-340, 33.2-705, 33.2-908, 33.2-909, 33.2-914 through 33.2-926, 33.2-901, 33.2-902, and 15.2-2272.

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Changes have been made to the Guide to Highway System Changes. In Section 3 – Types of Highway System Changes, C. Discontinuances, the word “generally” was removed before “reserved for the Commonwealth Transportation Board” to specify that the Virginia Code states that the Board has the authority t.... 2/27/2023 Forum ended on 3/29/2023 with 0 Comments.
The proposed "Guide to Highway System Changes" replaces VDOT's previous "Guide to Additions, Abandonments and Discontinuances." The previous guidance document was limited to only changes to the state's Secondary system of highways. The proposed "Guide to Highway System Changes" includes changes to.... 12/20/2021 Forum ended on 1/19/2022 with 0 Comments.

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