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Title Revised Article 6 Regulation
Document ID APG-356
Summary This policy provides interim guidance to air permitting staff concerning the revised minor new source review (NSR) regulation (i.e. Article 6), which includes, but is not limited to, changes in permit applicability, changes in state best available control technology (BACT), and additional exemptions. The revised Article 6 regulation is effective November 7, 2012. This guidance is not intended to cover every possible situation but should be applicable in most scenarios. Check with the regional air permit manager and/or the central office staff if a deviation from the guidance is considered to be necessary.
Effective Date 11/12/2020
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This document applies to the following chapters
[9 VAC 5-80] Permits for Stationary Sources
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This guidance document, APG-350-Ch8, updates Chapter 8 of the current Minor New Source Review Manual (previously found in Chapter 8 of both APG-350 and APG-350A). The Chapter 8 update (APG-350-Ch8) covers implementation of control technology standards particularly the Best Available Control Technol.... 10/12/2020 Forum ended on 11/11/2020 with 0 Comments.

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