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Title Guidelines for the Virginia Litter Prevention and Recycling Grants
Document ID DEQ-LPR-2
Summary Funding is available to Virginia localities from the Litter Prevention and Recycling Fund as non-competitive grants based on population and road miles, if the locality has an eligible program. Note: Section 1 includes the current guidelines for DEQ non-competitive grants and Section 2 for competitive grants.
Effective Date 5/12/2022
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[9 VAC 15] Department of Environmental Quality
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The Code of Virginia, ยง 10.1-1422.04, directs DEQ to award grants to localities that apply for local litter prevention and recycling grants and meet the eligibility requirements established in the Department's Guidelines for Litter Prevention and Recycling Grants (DEQ-LPR-2). The Guidelines were .... 4/11/2022 Forum ended on 5/11/2022 with 0 Comments.
This updated guidance document reflects the changes approved by the Litter Fund Board in their November 2020 public meeting. The Guidelines were updated to standardize the submission dates and the DEQ contact information. A $500 limit for mass media expense under the non-competitive grant was also a.... 5/10/2021 Forum ended on 6/9/2021 with 0 Comments.

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