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Department of Criminal Justice Services
Mandate 754

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Special Conservators of the Peace; Registration and Appointment Requirements
Purpose of legislation
Requires that a criminal history record information check be part of the background investigation required for appointment or temporary registration as a special conservator of the peace. Requires that prior to the issuance of a valid registration, an applicant submit his fingerprints on a form provided by the Department for purposes of performing a national and Virginia based criminal history records search. The bill provides that no person who would be prohibited from possessing, transporting, or purchasing a firearm is eligible for appointment as a special conservator of the peace. The bill also provides that special conservators of the peace must report to the Department within three days of becoming ineligible for registration or appointment.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 551 (2016)
VAC chapters to be amended
6 vac 20 - 230 : Regulations Relating to Special Conservator of the Peace
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 4652: Amendments to Reflect Chapter 551 (2016 Acts of Assembly) Regarding Eligibility and Registration
Latest Stage: Final
Action 5832: Comprehensive Review and Update of the Training Standards Relating to Special Conservators of the Peace
Latest Stage: Proposed
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