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Mandate 1196

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Review of erosion and sediment control plans for solar projects with a rated electrical generating capacity exceeding 5 megawatts
Purpose of legislation
Requires any locality that does not operate a regulated municipal separate storm sewer system and for which the Department of Environmental Quality did not administer a Virginia Stormwater Management Program as of July 1, 2020, to notify the Department if it decides to have the Department provide the locality with (i) review of a required erosion and sediment control plan and (ii) a recommendation on the plan's compliance with the requirements of the Erosion and Sediment Control Law and the State Water Control Board's regulations for any solar project and its associated infrastructure with a rated electrical generation capacity exceeding five megawatts. The bill provides certain procedural steps for the Department and the Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Program authority for a locality to take in reviewing the plan and making recommendations and decisions.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 497 (2021)
VAC chapters to be amended
9 vac 25 - 840 : Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations (formerly 4VAC50-30)
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 5773: Amendments to the Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations (9VAC25-840) as a Result of the 2021 Special Session I of the General Assembly
Latest Stage: Final
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